The new WOLFF’s den in Dubai

2012-07-27 [00:00]

WOLFFKRAN moves into new branch office in Dubai


Dubai – July 2012. Six years ago in the United Arab Emirates the foundation was laid for a unique alliance. In 2006 WOLFFKRAN and Kanoo Group founded the joint-venture WOLFFKRAN Arabia to serve the UAE with premium tower cranes made in Germany. First contracts were won in 2007 and WOLFF cranes erected that same year. Initially operating out of Abu Dhabi, a branch office was soon opened in Dubai. This year WOLFFKRAN Arabia moved into new offices in Dubai, which also house the Rep Office of WOLFFKRAN serving Saudi Arabia, the rest of the Middle East, India and Africa. With the inauguration of the new office in Dubai WOLFFKRAN gears up to offer even more and improved services in the region.


With the new premises in the heart of Dubai WOLFFKRAN aims to strengthen its position in the Gulf region and to develop new markets in Saudi Arabia, Middle East, India and Africa. “The Middle East region is one of the key regions in my eyes right now”, said Dr. Peter Schiefer, Managing Partner and CEO of WOLFFKRAN, at the launch. “We felt that we needed to have a big presence. Dubai is a natural hub, since you’re going to find a lot of people from different nations. It seems to be a melting pot now, so it’s a perfect initial position for our growth course”, said Schiefer.


WOLFFKRAN Arabia – where 150 years of German engineering expertise meets a strong local network


Over 150 crane assemblies, 50 employees, numerous regional cooperations and an outstanding market position stand for the proven track record of WOLFFKRAN Arabia in the past six years. The alliance between WOLFFKRAN and the Kanoo Group is the only joint venture in the entire region with the actual manufacturer as a shareholder and part of the core business. This provides not only a great advantage for the customer but also the key to success, as Managing Director Martin Kirby of WOLFFKRAN Arabia explains: “The clients benefit from our broad network as well as from over 150 years of engineering expertise Made in Germany. We act as consultants and service providers. Thanks to our outstanding technical know-how and best quality we are able to implement solutions according to the demands of the individual projects”, says Kirby. At the same time WOLFFKRAN Arabia is not only guaranteeing high performance on the construction site but is also providing analyses and project evaluation at tender stage for a high level of certainty and efficiency already in planning of the construction site.


WOLFFKRAN – the leader of the pack in all-inclusive-service


This business model of WOLFFKRAN Arabia is also the best solution in turbulent economical periods. “Most of the contracts nowadays are rental contracts”, states Kirby. “In times of economic difficulties contractors have a preference for utilizing suppliers with all-inclusive-packages including the crane, the crew and the customer service. This frees them of the need to maintain their own assembly crew and the liabilities that this comes with.” WOLFFKRAN Arabia takes this development into account with the establishment of the new branch offices in Dubai.


Even more service in the future – full order books confirm WOLFFKRANs growth course


With the new premises the local service performance will be supplemented by training facilities for operators and engineers, new technical support offers such as hook time analysis and a 24-hours customer service. “Furthermore we strive to maximize our safety protocols and pride ourselves in almost no downtimes”, says Kirby.


The expansion of the premium manufacturer is confirmed by the solid demand for the red giants. At present WOLFFKRAN Arabia is involved in several prominent job sites like the Burj Residences, the Mafraq Hospital and the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.

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